Unpacking the news: Enhanced Arity Marketing Solutions

Four things to know about Arity’s expanded and enhanced suite of marketing solutions.

Big things have been in the works at Arity, and today, we officially announced our expanded and enhanced suite of marketing solutions. By joining forces with Transparent.ly and LeadCloud, we have built out a full funnel, omnichannel suite that empowers marketers to maximize customer lifetime value (LTV) and profitability.

Now that the news is out, here are four things you should know about our marketing solutions.

📰 What are the Arity Marketing Solutions?

Our set of products and services provides marketers with a unified set of unique tools to reach their best customers, optimize operations, and drive profitability. The newly expanded and enhanced suite is comprised of The Arity Marketing Platform, powered by Transparent.ly and LeadCloud Integration Services.

Together, they make up the first full funnel, omnichannel offering that leverages driving behavior data to connect marketers with their ideal prospect customers based on how, when, and where they drive.

📰 What is The Arity Marketing Platform, powered by Transparent.ly?

The Arity Marketing Platform helps marketers optimize their book of business via Arity’s ability to generate insights on nearly 175 million U.S. drivers. This enables marketers to target their best prospects across the customer journey with driving behavior data.

Adding Transparent.ly’s strong ability to connect marketers with high-intent prospects helps the Arity Marketing Platform to be a more robust solution for marketers to generate clicks, leads, and calls, and reach prospects across the entire customer journey.

📰 What are LeadCloud Integration Services?

LeadCloud Integration Services are an expansion of our marketing solutions, adding an entire suite of professional services to help marketers optimize the quality, quantity, and LTV of incoming leads.

We can also help marketers validate and filter data coming in from partners, increasing operational efficiency by creating a single point of entry into the internal customer acquisition platform with:

  • Integration into Marketing Ecosystem: Services that help easily connect marketers with top lead generators, data providers, and buyers across the financial services industry.
  • Lead Management: Managed services, lead auctions, and integrations into Rate Call 1-3.
  • Data and Decisioning: Decision trees for ping post auctions, data append capabilities, and advanced filtering.

📰 Who should use the Arity Marketing Solutions?

While our solutions are available to marketers in all industries, the fact that they’re powered by the largest driving behavior database for targeted marketing makes them especially valuable to auto-focused businesses who want a competitive edge.

In action, this could look like:

  • An auto insurance marketer gains an up-front understanding of how customers drive and uses those insights to run targeted ad campaigns based on how risky or safely they drive, how many miles they drive, how likely they are to churn, and more.
  • An auto marketer, such as a car or dealership marketer, drives qualified traffic and sales leads for their products based on how, when, and where people drive. For instance, high-mileage drivers may be interested in fuel-efficient cars while speedy drivers may be in the market for faster, sportier cars.
  • A retail marketer with brick-and-mortar operations receives custom audiences of consumers who drive past their locations regularly, giving them the ability to reach prospects with relevant and timely offers.

Combining Transparent.ly and LeadCloud’s established technologies with Arity’s data and analytics expertise is an exciting move, bringing three brands together as one powerhouse in the data-driven marketing world. Through the newly expanded and enhanced Arity Marketing Solutions, we’re looking forward to driving even greater business results for our partners.


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