Real Time Insights

Receive granular driver probe and event data for real-time applications

Our mobility data helps validate minute-by-minute speed, density and incident information to better understand and manage traffic on any road network.

By collecting data from tens of millions of mobile phones, Arity has a continuous data flow representing diverse regions and road types, car makes and model years. Our unmatched feed of live mobile phone connections fill gaps in speed and density other sources leave behind.

Two ways to enrich your real time traffic feed

Real Time Drives
  • Validate real-time traffic congestion patterns and road incidents with anonymized probe data
Real Time Collisions
  • See actual crash incidents to monitor the surrounding traffic response as it happens

Why Arity?

40M active mobile connections

More than 65% of data from arterial roads

Data captured every 15 seconds or less

Data delivered at over 98% per minute

News & insights

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