Mobility data solutions

Smarter decisions start with smarter insights

We’re leveraging mobility data to provide customers and partners with driving behavior insights, strategies, and solutions that create safer, more relevant transportation experiences for everyone.

We transform over one trillion miles of data into insights that power innovation across multiple industries including auto insurance, mobile apps, marketing and advertising, the public sector, and beyond.


Arity IQ℠

Driving data delivered on demand

Improve pricing sophistication with access to actual driving behavior insights on tens of millions of drivers.
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Arity Audiences

Target drivers based on risk, mileage, commuting habits, and more

More effectively reach your ideal audiences with the best offers to eliminate wasted spend, increase retention, and achieve optimal customer LTV.
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Predictive Mobility

Personalize customer experiences and power your app strategy

Use mobility data to create in-app experiences that differentiate your services and help attract, retain, and delight customers.
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Crash Detection

Ensure your users get help when they need it most

With integrations that personalize the experience for users, apps can contact and dispatch emergency help, alert loved ones, start the process of generating an insurance claim, and more.
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Auto insurance

Enterprise-scale solutions for insurers

With data-powered insights, you can market to the drivers that you want to reach, price them more accurately, and establish a continuous connection for added value.
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White paper

Crash course: The state of distracted driving in the U.S.

Distracted driving has increased 30% over the last four years. Where and when is it at its worst?

Distracted driving is a national concern, but the average frequency of distracted driving varies not just state by state but even down to the county and zip code.
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Mobile apps

Becoming an essential app starts with essential data

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Arity PMP helps customize ads based on consumer driving behaviors

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With mobility data, you can unlock new ways to increase value for both your mobile app and your customers.