Arity Audiences

Target drivers based on risk, mileage, commuting habits, and more

More effectively reach your ideal audiences with the best offers to eliminate wasted spend, increase retention, and achieve optimal customer LTV.

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Arity Audiences overview

Smarter focus. Better customers. Greater value.

Find out how we help you reach drivers based on behaviors like distracted driving, hard braking, and speeding.


Boost marketing ROI

Focus your efforts on reaching the audiences with driving behaviors you’re targeting

Optimize for true customer value

Ensure you’re serving the best offers to each user based on their actual driving history

Reach prospects meaningfully

Deliver relevant messaging based on each customer’s movement and driving experiences

Built from driving behavior data that generates insights on nearly 175 million US drivers, Arity Audiences enable marketers to reach consumers in digital marketing campaigns based on how, when, and where they drive.


For auto insurance carriers, Arity’s lowest-risk tier drivers have up to 5x greater lifetime value than average drivers

Data visualization showing an up to 5x increase in lifetime value for Arity’s lowest-risk tier drivers compared with average drivers.

Reach the best customers for your business

Connect with consumer segments based on how, when, and where they drive.
Insurance carrier audiences
  • High to low risk drivers
  • High to low mileage drivers
  • High to low distance and duration commuters
  • Distracted drivers
  • Insurance premium drivers
  • Lower funnel insurance shoppers
Auto aftermarket audiences
  • Tire wear and tear audiences
  • High to low risk drivers
  • High to low mileage drivers
  • High to low distance and duration commuters
Auto manufacturers and dealer audiences
  • Safety-conscious drivers
  • Performance drivers
  • Fuel efficient drivers
  • Lease/Trade-in potential drivers
  • Comfort-seeking drivers
  • In-market car shoppers
  • Electric car interest driver
Retail and QSR audiences
  • Predictive POI (point of interest) audiences
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Reach the right auto insurance customers for greater lifetime value

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Auto insurance marketers often celebrate high click-through rates, quote requests and conversions — but are these successes enough?

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