The key to gaining and retaining mobile app users? Trust.

Arity’s latest research provides a snapshot of user sentiment on data privacy, revealing ways mobile app publishers can gain and retain consumers’ trust.

Data is essential when it comes to creating a tailored experience for mobile app users. But cases of unethical data privacy violations have led to consumers growing more and more vigilant about their personal information.

Now more than ever, mobile app publishers need to focus on gaining and maintaining trust to keep their users engaged. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for mobile app publishers to gauge the fine line between users’ desire for personalization and convenience – and their need for privacy.

The latest Arity research, a survey on mobile app users and trust, conducted in 2022 with 783 adult smartphone users, provides a snapshot of user sentiment on data privacy. Here’s what mobile publishers need to know to build a trusted app:

Consumers need confidence and control

While data privacy is clearly a concern for app users, giving them power over their information seems to go a long way in gaining their trust. According to Arity’s research:

  • More than 60% of respondents admitted to deleting an app due to concerns over data use.
  • More than 80% said it’s important that they have control over how much of their data is collected.
  • More than 30% of respondents manage their access daily, or almost daily.

Based on these findings, one recommendation to gain and retain users is to allow them to choose what information they share. To accomplish this, mobile apps can allow users to customize their data sharing right at the time of download. And then, make it easy for them to manage it when needed.

Consumers equate trustworthiness with communication

Another way to achieve trust with users is to effectively communicate how and when their data is being shared. Arity’s research found that the most important factors affecting users’ trust in mobile apps are:

  • Clear privacy policies
  • Brand reputation and values
  • App control over the data collected

To avoid a potential decline in daily active users, it’s important that mobile apps’ privacy policies are transparent and easily accessible. And in those policies, it’s essential to communicate what data is being collected and exactly how that data is being used.

Consumers prefer frequent and tangible value 

While privacy is important to users, it’s not their top priority when downloading an app–value is. More than 50% of respondents claimed they’re willing to share their data when an app is important to their daily lives, and almost 40% said they’re willing to trade in access to their data for additional benefits.

For example, weather app MyRadar uses driving data to alert users of unsafe road conditions along with proactive tips to avoid it. Family safety app Life360 also uses driving data to keep its users safe with crash detection.

This means mobile apps should be explicit about how consumer data adds value to their overall experience. In addition, apps can offer discounts, rewards, and/or insights in exchange for access to users’ data.

Arity is a champion of leveraging data – and, more specifically, protected data. Our mobile app solutions leverage anonymized data from more than 200M connections’ daily routines to help mobile publishers create trusted apps that enhance user experience.

With our mobility data on-hand, mobile publishers across industries can offer their users more:

  • Personalization. We offer the ability to anticipate users’ mobility patterns in order to serve them relevant, timely offers or recommendations.
  • Convenience. With predictive location-based reminders, we enable customers to send discounts to users when they are likely to pass their storefronts.
  • Privacy. To ensure the security of our customers and their users, we are transparent about how we collect, use, and share data as well as how we protect that data through a robust regulatory and privacy program.


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