For mobile app publishers: Attract advertisers with driving data 

Three ways driving data can increase the value of your mobile app inventory.

It’s no secret that advertisers are more successful when they know consumers’ interests, personalities, behaviors, lifestyles, etc. That’s why companies spend tens of billions of dollars on consumer data year-over-year – and why private marketplaces (PMPs) are growing in value as we get closer to a cookie-less, post-MAID world. 

For mobile app publishers looking at PMPs as a way to increase ad revenue, it’s important to shop around and look for one that offers the most value. That way, you can attract quality advertisers with higher ad budgets.  

Here are three ways the Arity Marketing Platform can drive up your inventory’s value, enabling advertisers to reach their best customers based on how, when, and where they drive.    

What is the Arity Marketing Platform? The nation’s first driving behavior-based mobile advertising network. With the Arity Marketing Platform, mobile apps can earn more by leveraging patented technology to match their inventory with ad calls to target audiences based on consumers’ driving data.  

#1 Personalities 

Believe it or not, a driver’s behaviors behind the wheel can reveal unique insights into their personality. With connections to nearly 40 million U.S. drivers, the Arity Marketing Platform can help you offer advertisers segmented audiences based on behaviors like:  

How safe or risky their driving behaviors are.  

  • Auto insurance carriers may want to target the safest drivers who are less likely to file a claim. 
  • Auto shops may want to target higher risk drivers who are more likely to need more frequent repairs.  

How fast or slow they drive.  

  • Auto dealers may want to advertise sports cars to drivers who enjoy speed and top-rated safety cars to slower, safety-conscious drivers. 

How far they drive.  

  • Fuel and convenience stores may benefit from reaching long-distance commuters who may need to gas up more frequently.  
  • Auto insurance carriers may want to promote their pay-per-mile programs to people who rarely drive.   

 #2 Travel patterns 

In addition to how consumers drive, advertisers can gain a lot of value from understanding where and when they drive based on their day-to-day travel patterns. Through the Arity Marketing Platform, mobile app publishers can start to collect and deliver these premium insights to advertisers. For example: 

Regular commuters 

  • Grocery store chains can reach people that drive past their storefronts during their daily commutes 
  • Quick service restaurants (QSRs) can offer breakfast deals to early morning commuters.    

Traveling consultants  

  • In-vehicle infotainment retailers can reach people whose driving patterns indicate they’re driving long distances Monday – Friday.  
  • Similarly, retailers with travel products can reach people whose patterns show they’re driving to and from the airport during the work week.  

#3 Lifestyles   

Through the Arity Marketing Platform, you can also offer deeper insights on how consumers drive, combined with predictive points of interest (POI) data – like where they frequently visit, shop, and eat. This can reveal a lot about consumers’ lifestyles; driving behaviors can reveal psychographic information about their offline behaviors, and location can reveal more context about where they act as consumers.  

Adventure seekers 

  • Organizations offering entertainment and/or experiences can connect with people who venture off their typical routes on weekends and holidays.  

Busy multitaskers  

  • Brands that offer hardware for hands-free devices or software for productivity may want to reach people who are often on their phones while on the road.  

Knowing how, when, and where app users drive doesn’t only benefit your ad performance, it also unlocks valuable opportunities for you to build even more personalized app experiences that keep your customers coming back. Understanding personalities, travel patterns, and lifestyles means delivering more meaningful offers, rewards, and features that reach the right consumers at the right time.  

Overall, incorporating driving data becomes a critical piece to power your app revenue by increasing user engagement and ad performance in parallel.   

Why join the Arity Marketing Platform? 

In general, PMPs offer many perks to mobile app publishers. But with unique, driving behavior-based insights, mobile app publishers can place their inventory at premium value; driving data enables advertisers to reach their best customers with insights unavailable anywhere else, optimizing ROI and ultimately leading to higher bids.  

Additionally, joining the Arity Marketing Platform means a personalized experience for both your customers and for you. You’ll receive a dedicated sales team to match your inventory with quality advertisers, and your customers will receive ads that are increasingly meaningful to them.   


If you’re ready to attract quality advertisers and see CPMs that regularly exceed industry performance, let’s start a conversation about how the Arity Marketing Platform can work for your app! 

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