Become your users’ biggest fan: How to increase mobile app engagement through personalized goal setting

As mobile apps’ monthly average users decrease, publishers need a way to fit into their users’ daily lives and increase engagement. The good news is that there’s a relatively easy way to integrate your app into users’ routines. Achieving goals is much easier with professional guidance or an accountability partner, and app developers can play this role for users.  

By encouraging better habits and helping them monitor their progress, you can help users meet their personal objectives. With Arity data, app publishers can personalize in-app experiences to help users meet their goals  — and keep them coming back to your app. 

Use data to provide meaningful value  

By encouraging better habits and helping them monitor their progress, you can help users meet their personal objectives.

Mobile app engagement is an uphill battle, especially with so many apps now available in the app store. If users don’t find value in your application, they may never use it again. And even when they do find value in your app, they may delete it in favor of one that better understands them and provides more relevant insights. That’s why building a deep well of user data into the core of your application can set you apart from competitors.  

When you drive tangible results for users, like helping them lose weight through a fitness app or reach a savings goal through a banking app, your application becomes an integral part of their lives. Users will also associate your application with their success, building brand affinity. These meaningful relationships, built on relevant data, allow you to better meet users’ needs.  

Boost fitness app engagement  

Fitness apps rely on data to provide users with real-time information and insights that help them make the most of their workouts. This personalized data helps people understand their progress toward achieving their goals. It also informs users where they rank in friendly competition with other users.  

Driving and location data can help outdoor fitness enthusiasts reach their health goals by notifying users about dangerous roads, personal milestones, and achievements. This can look like: 

  • Personalized push notifications: Remind users to work out first thing in the morning.  
  • In-app messaging: Inform users when they’ve hit milestones or personal records (PRs).   

Personalize finance apps  

Managing finances is a challenge for many people. Who hasn’t looked at their bank account and been surprised at how much they’ve spent? Provide daily value to customers, helping them increase their financial literacy and improve their spending habits by:  

  • Helping users become better savers: Provide Fuel Efficiency recommendations determined by their driving behavior.  
  • Offering location-based rewards and discounts: Help users save money by alerting them about deals nearby with Predictive Mobility 

When users see their savings increase as a result of your application, you’ll foster loyalty and build more meaningful relationships. 

Our mobile telematics SDK  

With Arity’s mobility data supporting a robust mobile app engagement strategy, app publishers can help users improve their physical health and financial literacy through personalized in-app experiences. Our SDK allows app creators to incorporate real-time driving and mobility info at the user level, leading to improved customer experiences. 

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