A trillion miles strong: Arity’s role in the future of mobility 

Learn about Arity milestones, how we're shaping the future of mobility, and how we're helping our customers shape the future of their own industries.

This month, the Arity team is celebrating a major milestone in our company’s history: We’ve collected over a trillion miles of driving data! With each mile collected, our dataset, insights, and customers grow stronger. And each milestone gets us closer to fulfilling our mission of making transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone.

Read on to learn about a few of our major milestones, how they shaped the future of mobility, and how we’re helping our customers shape the future of their own industries.

Our major milestones: How a trillion miles shaped the future of mobility

Arity was announced publicly on November 10, 2016

While we have technically been in the telematics business since 2014, we spun out of Allstate Insurance as our own mobility data and analytics company in 2016, with a mission to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone.

We launched our first solution in November 2016

Our first offering was the Arity Driving Engine Software Development Kit (SDK), which allowed insurance carriers to start collecting driving and mobility data via their own mobile apps. We built the technology out of our years of experience as the powerhouse behind Allstate’s Drivewise®, a telematics program that measures and rewards customers’ safe driving behaviors.

We became a Rating Services Organization (RSO) in May 2017

In 2017, we started filing applications to be licensed and operate as an RSO in states across the U.S. We received our first license in Louisiana, and other states followed with their approval soon after. Once licensed, we began filing our driving scores with state regulators so we could score driving behavior through our Drivesight® model. Today, Drivesight® is filed and available for use in 47 states.

We signed our first customer in November 2017

National General became our first official signed customer in 2017 – in addition to Allstate Insurance, which had already become a customer once we spun out of it as our own company within the Corporation. The company signed with us to help build their telematics program and leverage the Routely® app, which is powered by the Arity Driving Engine SDK. To this day, National General continues to use Routely® for its DynamicDrive program.

We detected our first crash successfully in August 2018

As part of our mission to make transportation safer, we launched Crash Detection by Arity in 2018 which enables mobile apps to detect accidents and respond accordingly in real time – such as alerting emergency services, notifying family members, starting the claims process, and more. Four years later, we’re currently detecting an average of 24,000 high confidence crashes per month.

We helped businesses navigate the unknown with COVID-19 mobility trends in March 2020

On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Days later, the U.S. began to implement shutdowns to prevent further spreading of the virus. Along with the rest of the country, Arity employees made the sudden shift to working from home. Starting in April 2020, our team played an important role in analyzing how people’s mobility habits shifted and helping insurers and other transportation-related businesses adjust accordingly.

We launched Arity IQSM in May 2021

With our latest solution, Arity IQSM, insurers can ping our dataset – the largest driving behavior dataset tied to claims, request a person’s individual driving score, and we will deliver it instantly. Now, for the first time ever, carriers can price telematics at the time of quote. Arity IQSM is an award-winning solution on its way to transform the insurance industry as the most accurate predictive measure of driver risk to date.

What’s next? Our vision for the future of mobility

As our dataset grows, the insights we can extract from it increase in volume, accuracy, and reliability which allows us to better serve our customers. This is why this is such a big moment for Arity – while we’re celebrating a trillion miles, the true milestone is that we’re able to enable the future of mobility right now and, through our solutions, help our customers shape the future of their own industries:

For insurers, the future of mobility is more fair, equitable auto insurance

Rather than relying heavily on rating factors like gender, marital status, and zip code, which may carry bias, pricing on actual driving behavior is fairer and more equitable. It is, after all, data about a person’s actual risk on the road, not just who they are.

Arity’s insurance solutions are built to support personalized pricing, which benefits both insurer and insured.

  • With Drivesight®, insurers can use our industry leading score to assess and score their customers’ actual driving behaviors.
  • With Arity IQSM, insurers can ping our database to access insights into a person’s driving behavior at time of quote.

Both solutions help carriers price risk more accurately – and therefore, more profitably – while at the same time giving their customers a fairer and more equitable rate based on their actual day-to-day driving behaviors.

For marketers, the future of mobility is understanding how customers move to connect with them in more meaningful ways

Drivers and how they behave behind the wheel can reveal a lot of valuable insights for auto insurance, aftermarket, and automotive marketers. While these industries touch nearly all U.S. consumers, marketers can segment and target this massive audience (drivers) to connect with customers in more meaningful ways, optimizing customer value and boosting marketing ROI.

With the world’s largest driving behavior database for targeted marketing, Arity helps marketers and advertisers connect to their ideal customers and gain a competitive edge.

  • With the Arity Marketing Platform, marketers can target drivers based on their behaviors to deliver the right message at the right time in a contextual environment, maximizing engagement and conversion. For auto insurance marketers, this can look like targeting the top 25% of scored drivers, who have a lifetime value of up to five times greater than the average driver.
  • With Arity Audiences, marketers can leverage Arity’s 200 million+ connections to U.S. drivers based on where they drive. For retailers with mobile apps, this can look like leveraging users’ trip data to understand which consumers are passing by your store and when to deliver ads and offers that are relevant and timely.

For cities, the future of mobility is Vision Zero

Making transportation safer for everyone is a crucial part of Arity’s mission, so we want to play our part enabling Vision Zero by supporting the public sector‘s efforts to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. With our data, city officials and transportation planners gain access to insights that help make their roads – and the people who travel on them – safer.

  • With Driving Events Reporting, they can discover patterns with insights on phone distracted driving, hard braking, hard acceleration, and extreme speeding. With this information, they can discover and fix areas of road risk. For example, a pattern of hard braking in a particular area is being caused by a huge pothole.
  • With Real Time Traffic, they gain insight into the traffic density and flow of all vehicles on the road. This helps cities solve traffic flow issues, pinpointing areas of need. For example, a congested highway needs a new lane which would significantly reduce travel time for commuters.

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