What’s the secret to adding greater value to your mobile app users? Predictive mobility data

Mobile app publishers are missing out on a key component to building a more unique and meaningful experience.

It’s no secret that consumers expect personalized services and experiences. Delivering those types of experiences enables app publishers to forge lasting connections with the people using their applications. And none of that is possible without unique data, and the insights generated by that data.

Predictive mobility data — knowing when someone will be on the move, where they are going, when they are going, and the route they take to get there — is one such insight. This kind of data can be used across a host of different app categories, empowering publishers with a greater understanding of their users’ journeys to and from different locations and enabling them to predict when someone will need their services.

Some valuable experiences that can be made possible with the use of predictive mobility data include:

  • A weather app that integrates commute times and routes with weather forecasts to notify users of commute disruptions
  • A fitness app that recommends safer running routes by avoiding high-traffic intersections
  • A quick-serve restaurant app that pushes offers and deals before customers are expected to drive near the restaurant
  • A real estate app that shares information about driving safety in neighborhoods where someone might be looking to move

People are more willing to share location data in exchange for getting a specific and personalized benefit, like an app that helps them discover a convenient new running route or a coffee shop that offers a promotion when they’re expected to drive by. Starting with the value to the end-user, mobility data can give app publishers information to provide meaningful experiences consumers need and want.

Over the next few weeks, Arity will be publishing a series of posts based on extensive audience research we’ve conducted with app users across multiple categories, including QSR, Retail, Fitness, Travel, and Real Estate. We’ll dive deeper to explore how app developers within specific industries can offer additional value to their consumers by leveraging data based on a user’s mobility patterns.

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