Understand what your mobile app users want before they know they want it

What do your mobile app users really want? What if you could predict it for them? Arity's Predictive Mobility offering does just that.

Picture this: You pick up your phone at lunch and have two new notifications. One shares a deal that a restaurant two miles away is running next week. The other offers a 20% discount at a sandwich place around the corner which you drive past every day.

It’s an easy decision, right? You suddenly find yourself craving a sandwich, and the sandwich shop around the corner gets your business.

In an oversaturated app market, it takes convenient, personalized user experiences to retain customers.

Predictive Mobility is a new Arity offering that enables mobile app publishers to collect driving data and road behaviors so you can understand what customers want before they act. The result? You create connected offers and features that fit seamlessly into your customers’ everyday lives.

Beyond personalization, predictive technology empowers you to create in-app experiences customers can’t turn down — and 58% of consumers say they’ll enable data tracking when they receive a clear value exchange.

Ready to see what Predictive Mobility can do? We’ll explore seven Predictive Mobility use cases and challenge you to think about how your business can leverage Predictive Mobility for your unique needs.

See Predictive Mobility in action

With Predictive Mobility, businesses can use their apps to connect to users’ daily lives — allowing them to personalize experiences, reduce turnover and increase revenue. Let’s take a closer look at the power of Predictive Mobility across seven industries:

QSR and retail apps

Increase revenue by incentivizing users to redeem offers at nearby stores. Predictive Mobility lets you see when users are near local storefronts so you can push notifications with personalized deals when they’re most likely to pass.

Fuel apps

Analyze driving behaviors to predict future fuel consumption. Predictive data enables you to see when drivers need to fill up, so you’re able to push timely, personalized offers that send them to your local station.

Reservation apps

Retain customers by suggesting relevant local restaurants or events. When you combine predictive data with information about available tables or tickets, you can reach customers by suggesting reservations near their work and home, or along their commute.

Real estate apps

Drive traffic to your real estate app by predicting users’ interest in neighborhoods. Predictive data lets you suggest properties based on users’ common routes and destinations, so your push notifications and feed are tailored to locations where house hunters are likely to rent or buy.

Weather apps

Use forecast information and predictive analytics in tandem to help users on their daily commutes. With Predictive Mobility, weather apps can suggest a new route when users’ commutes are impacted by dangerous weather conditions. By providing suggestions users rely on in their daily lives, you can differentiate your app and keep users coming back for more weather insights.

News apps

Differentiate your news app with hyper-local coverage. By providing article recommendations based on common routes or neighborhoods, you can provide information tailored to users’ daily lives and increase click rates.

Finance apps

Increase loyalty by helping users stick to their financial goals. Use predictive analytics to send reminders when customers revisit stores they’ve set a budget for.

How can your business take advantage of Predictive Mobility?

Regardless of why people use your app, you need to find ways to keep them coming back for more. The possibilities of Predictive Mobility are endless, so you can continually evolve app features and offers to capture customer attention.

Predictive Mobility is only limited by what you decide to do with it, so here are a few questions to spark your imagination:

  • How could your customers’ daily mileage or commute times change your sales tactics?
  • How can you help customers save money by anticipating where they’ll go next?
  • How could you use driving data to personalize your push notifications?
  • What if you could take advantage of your users’ driving data to understand what they need?

Need more Predictive Mobility inspiration? Talk to an Arity expert for more ideas and a consultation.

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