Two truths and a lie: Contextual advertising with mobility data 

StreetFight features Arity and how to leverage our mobility data for contextual advertising.

Fred Dimesa, Arity’s Head of Aggregated Data and Advertising Product Lines, recently sat down with StreetFight to talk about mobility data and its role in contextual advertising. Here are two truths he said, and one misconception.

Truth #1: Mobility data can help organizations understand and anticipate consumers’ needs

Arity’s data, captured directly from vehicles and mobile phones, offers insights on how, when, and where a consumer goes throughout the day. This data can help advertisers understand and potentially anticipate consumers’ needs, enabling more relevant ad targeting.

Truth #2: Arity takes data privacy and security seriously 

To share data with Arity, consumers need to explicitly opt into data-sharing with one of our mobile app partners. Arity does NOT sell data, but instead works with brands to build audiences based on driving behavior. We also have our own marketing platform that helps advertisers reach consumer segments such as those with risky driving behaviors, those who drive long distances, and commuters.

Lie: Arity can only target on Android

While other data platforms can only target on Android operating systems, Arity can target on iOS because we secure opt-in consent from consumers through our partner apps.


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