Three mobile app engagement strategies to increase MAUs and help you stay competitive

Increase customer loyalty with these three mobile app engagement and retention strategies.

Admit it: You have an app graveyard. Like the rest of us, the last page of your smartphone home screen is filled with unused apps you’ll delete as soon as you need more storage space.

For mobile app publishers, keeping their app top of mind — and out of the graveyard — is a familiar challenge. App uninstall rates have reached 50% within 30 days of download.

In reality, some publishers feel fortunate to make it to a home screen at all given the overcrowded marketplace. There are approximately 3.5 million apps in the Google Play store and two million apps in the iOS store, so it’s challenging to stand out.

However, you can stand out from the clutter. Over half of Americans spend five hours or more on their smartphones a day, and you can win a share of their time by leveraging mobility data that helps you create features your users rely on.

Increase customer loyalty with these three mobile app engagement and retention strategies

With a mobile app engagement strategy, you can build the features your customers need, enabling you to overcome rising uninstall rates and attract and retain customers.

Personalize experiences

As you know, personalization helps you connect with your customers and create engaging experiences — you just need the right data to do it. With information about your users’ movement, you can customize app features and build customer loyalty.

Our solution: Predictive Mobility by Arity allows you to access insights into how, when, and where users move. By embedding our SDK into your mobile app, you can access information like common routes, home and work locations, trip frequency, and more.

Your results: Mobile app publishers can leverage Predictive Mobility to anticipate user habits, promote personalized and geo-targeted offers, and improve customer experiences.

Create value-added services

By creating unique in-app features that tie seamlessly into your users’ lives, you can make your app stand out from the competition and increase engagement and retention.

Our solutions: Our Fuel Efficiency provide information about how driving behaviors affect fuel consumption, giving users a fuel efficiency score that empowers them to adjust behaviors and save money.

In addition, our safety insights offering helps customers understand more about how people drive in different areas. With these insights, they can learn more about driving habits in areas they’re looking to live or visit.

Your results: With these convenient features, you not only differentiate your app from others in your category, but also create a clear value exchange — encouraging customers to enable data tracking.

Display relevant ads

Many apps rely on ad revenue, but irrelevant ads could negatively impact customer engagement and retention. While most businesses use data to select which ads they should promote, the wrong data may lead you to serve the wrong ad to the wrong customer. With relevant ads based on real driving data, you can maintain a revenue source and provide your customers with helpful ads.

Our solution: Arity Private Marketplace (PMP), a telematics-based mobile advertising network, enables mobile app publishers to display relevant ads to customers. By using telematics data to create accurate audience segments, your app displays ads that interest your user base.

Your results: You earn incremental revenue while displaying ads that are customized to your customers’ individual driving habits.

Explore mobile app engagement solutions built for your industry vertical

What do these strategies look like in action? Here are a few ways mobile app publishers across categories can leverage Predictive Mobility, Fuel Insights, Safety Insights, and Arity Private Marketplace to create value and drive engagement and retention:

  • Retail apps: Optimize your BOPIS experience by preparing items for pickup based on estimated arrival times.
  • Fuel and convenience apps: Earn ad revenue by displaying ads tailored to individual users’ driving habits. We partner with companies like GasBuddy to help people optimize their fuel consumption and save money by sending personalized notifications.
  • Financial services: Help customers save by providing a Fuel Efficiency score that shows them how they can adjust behaviors to decrease gas costs.
  • Real estate: Enable users to calculate commute times as they explore new neighborhoods.
  • Travel: Warn customers about high-traffic zones so they can avoid the noisiest neighborhoods on vacation. We work with apps like WeatherBug to help people select efficient routes based on current weather conditions and driving data.

Drive mobile app engagement with Arity

Arity helps mobile app publishers understand how and where their customers move through the world by leveraging over 700 billion miles of driving data. With telematics solutions, you can generate more engagement, increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage.

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