Reaching your best customers with private marketplaces 

Here are three takeaways on audience targeting from Director of Product Marketing Jennifer Gold’s video in eMarketer.

Director of Product Marketing Jennifer Gold was featured in eMarketer, sharing how businesses can use private marketplaces (PMPs) to reach their best customers.

Here are two facts and one misconception about private marketplaces:

FACT: Privacy rules and regulations are changing marketing as we know it

Industry disruption is often the catalyst for innovation, and that’s what’s happening to marketers right now.

The privacy landscape is undoubtedly shifting with news of Apple App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and Google Chrome cookie deprecation. Further, 85% of adults want to do more to protect their online privacy.

As “traditional” methods of audience targeting become much more challenging in a cookie-less, post-mobile ad ID (MAID) world, smart marketers are looking for new ways to reach their best customers effectively.

FACT: Smart marketers are turning to private marketplaces for audience targeting

In the face of these new privacy restrictions, savvy marketers are turning to private marketplaces, or PMPs, which are invitation-only, programmatic auctions where premium publishers can make inventory available to select partners. They offer a controlled environment for accessing high quality inventory while still enabling audience targeting.

In 2020, ad spend on other marketplaces overtook ad spend on the open web, and that gap continues to widen.

A chart from eMarketer showing information about U.S. real-time bidding (RTB) ad spending

Individually, PMPs don’t match the scale of the open web. But in aggregate, PMPs exceed that scale. Marketers just need to choose their data partners wisely, so that they can get a complete picture of their best customers – who they are, what they want, and their day-to-day behaviors that influence purchasing decisions.

With the right data mix and partners, marketers can get the behavior data they need to connect with the right customers at the right place and time.

FICTION: The Arity Marketing Platform is only valuable for auto insurance marketers

The Arity Marketing Platform is an exclusive network of dedicated ad inventory in mobile apps with driving-related content. And while data about how, when, and where people drive is unmistakably beneficial for auto insurance marketers, these insights hold a lot of value for other marketers as well.

Here are three ways the Arity Marketing Platform can be powerful for marketers across verticals:

    • Automotive and aftermarket marketers can reach customers based on how many annual miles they drive as well as commuting habits. For example, tire companies can reach high-mileage drivers who put more wear and tear on their tires.

    • Auto insurance marketers can improve customer acquisition costs by targeting ad campaigns based on how consumers drive. For instance, a carrier may want to spend a bit more to target the lowest risk drivers, who have a higher customer lifetime value (LTV) than average – and spend less to target higher risk drivers.

If you’re interested in the Arity Marketing Platform, contact us to learn how it can work for you.

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