Use driving behavior data to fuel programmatic ad campaigns

How can data about how people drive help advertisers get a better understanding of their customers and connect with them in a meaningful way?

In today’s challenging economy, marketers are hustling to simultaneously decrease costs and increase revenue. With whispers of a potential recession, businesses are faced with the question, “How can we focus on winning the race when we’re struggling to stay in it?”

Well, you know what they say: Work smarter, not harder.

Many marketers are already heading in the right direction, leveraging programmatic advertising to reach specific groups of people based on demographics, psychographics, and/or consumer behaviors. In fact, it’s estimated that programmatic advertising will make up 91% of all U.S. digital display ad spend this year.

However, as a strategic partner for marketers, we know the right approach isn’t enough. You need the right data and insights to fuel your programmatic ad campaigns to success.

So, how can driving behavior data help programmatic advertisers work even smarter to ramp up their return on investment (ROI), stay in the race, and accelerate for success? Read on to find out:

#1 Boost customer acquisition and ROI

Arity Audiences enable advertisers to reach more than 200 million connections to U.S. drivers programmatically across digital media based on how, where, and when they drive. With audience types like Driving Risk, Annual Mileage Driven, Tire Wear and Tear, and more, advertisers can use data to optimize who to connect with to get the most bang for their buck.

  • Auto aftermarket retailers may want to reach high-risk, high-mileage drivers who are most likely to put wear and tear on their vehicles – and consequently, spend money on things like car maintenance, parts, and repairs.
  • Auto insurance carriers may want to reach the lowest-risk drivers who are less likely to file claims and more likely to be profitable customers in the long run.

With dozens of audience types available in the Arity ad platform, marketers can find and connect with their best customers who are most likely to buy, boosting customer acquisition and ROI.

#2 Optimize for true customer value

In addition to reaching your best customers, driving data can provide insight into the best messaging for those customers. This way, you’re serving relevant offers to every user based on their actual driving behaviors.

  • Auto manufacturers and dealers are more likely to win the long-distance commuter’s business when they advertise a fuel-efficient comfort vehicle, versus a gas-guzzling sports car which might be better for attracting a speedy or leisure driver.
  • Fuel and convenience stores are more likely to win the long-distance commuter’s loyalty when they advertise a rewards program with potential discounts, versus clean bathrooms and low-priced snacks, which might be a better selling point for holiday road-trippers.

#3 Reach prospects meaningfully

Driving behavior data can help businesses reach the right customers with the right messaging at the best time.

With Arity’s Predictive Point of Interest (POI) audiences, brick-and-mortar retailers and quick-service restaurants(QSRs) can leverage trip data to reach consumers who often drive past their locations and understand where else they stop and go along the way.

Let’s say a driver always leaves the office around 6 p.m., passing a particular supermarket around 6:20 p.m. on the drive home. However, on Fridays, he tends to stop by a competitor’s storefront just across the street.

With these insights, that supermarket can gain an advantage over its competitor by displaying an ad to the driver before he even gets in his car on Friday. This way, that brand is top of mind while he’s on the road – and with the right deal, coupon, or discount, he may be persuaded to shop somewhere new.

To summarize, Arity driving data and insights can fuel successful programmatic advertising campaigns, enabling businesses to reach their best customers with the best messaging at the best time. Built from a massive telematics claims data set with over 10 years of investment in data science, Arity Audiences allows advertisers to work smarter, not harder to ramp up their advertising ROI and accelerate for success.

Ready to learn more? Watch the recording of our Product Marketing Director Jen Gold’s panel discussion, “The Modern Data Stack,” or contact us to start a conversation!

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