MyRadar leverages Arity driving data to enhance summer road safety

Drivers gain an extra layer of safety with personalized and proactive tips to avoid dangerous road conditions

With weather changing unpredictably and NOAA predicting more storm activity than usual across the U.S., planning ahead is more important than ever for drivers to stay safe on the road.

Thankfully, MyRadar app users can now quickly access personalized insights about their drives before they get behind the wheel. Through our partnership with the breakthrough weather app MyRadar, users can look up if the drives they typically make are safe when road conditions could be dangerous. This new feature within the MyRadar app, MyDrives, pairs Arity’s Predictive Mobility solution with MyRadar’s weather technology, helping users determine if they should take a different path, leave at a different time, or both.

Avoiding traffic and getting to a destination as quickly as possible is always important, and with the MyDrives feature, their users can get there quickly, and safely.

With 13M app users, there’s a wide range of users that will benefit from the new MyDrives feature. It’s especially helpful since people often skip planning for trips they commonly take. Consider these examples:

  • Families making annual trips for the holidays or summer vacation
  • Commercial fleets that make recurring long-haul shipments
  • Gig drivers who need to make prompt deliveries
  • Rideshare drivers who need to offer safe rides

In all these scenarios, drivers are familiar and comfortable with their surroundings, and often fall into driving patterns without thinking much about them. Road conditions such as an unexpected downpour on a patch of the freeway can be dangerous, but now MyRadar users can avoid getting caught in situations like this.

How could driving behavior data and route predictions support your app users? As a mobility data and analytics provider, Arity has solutions to help keep users engaged across all kinds of apps – finance, fitness, shopping, and more. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.

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