Life360 and Arity: Saving lives, one detected crash at a time

Since 2018, Life360 has leveraged Crash Detection by Arity to help keep families safe.

Arity envisions a world with zero road fatalities, a world where no one has to lose a child, parent, or friend in a traffic accident. We have the data and the crash detection technology to save lives on the roads, but we need partners whose connections with users can help us reach many drivers as possible.

Our continued partnership with Life360, the world’s leading family safety app, brings Crash Detection by Arity to over 30 million monthly active users. This means our life-saving technology is available to one out of every nine U.S. families through just one of our mobile app partners.

Read on to learn about how we’re saving lives, one detected crash at a time.

The past: Life360 launches Crash Detection by Arity

Life360 and Arity both strive to enhance safety, which made this partnership a natural fit. Arity created Crash Detection to live into our mission to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone.

Life360 sought out a similar solution as a part of its mission to simplify safety, so families can live fully. After an initial launch of a crash detection feature, Life360 decided to seek out a partner with technology that could improve accuracy in identifying true crashes.

Arity’s solution stood out for several reasons, including:

  • Our database, which captures over 1 billion miles of driving data each day
  • Our people, who have the expertise to analyze billions of mobile data points
  • Our culture, which emphasizes a hunger for innovation and experimentation

So, Crash Detection by Arity hit the market through the Life360 app in 2018.

The present: Life360 and Arity are protecting people on the road

Through this partnership, Life360 and Arity protect drivers in two ways:

  1. Detecting crashes and enabling life-saving responses
  2. Preventing risky driving behaviors through coaching

Crash Detection by Arity provides advanced sensor technology that can sense collisions over 25 mph and immediately alert the driver or passenger involved. From there, Life360 can enable helpful responses, including notifying emergency contacts or dispatching first responders.

“Life360 saved my life… I have crash detection on, and it truly works. It let my husband know I was in a car accident and sent him my location.” – Cheyenne and Michael, Life360 members

In 2022 alone, Crash Detection by Arity detected nearly 23,000 crashes and helped dispatch 2,900 emergency vehicles each month.

In addition to detecting crashes, Arity also provides Life360 members with driving behavior insights to help families understand how each member is doing behind the wheel. With stats on phone usage, high speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration, families now have a tool they can leverage to become better, safer drivers.

The future: Zero road fatalities

Arity strives to improve transportation. While we’ve made significant strides along with our partners, there’s still a lot to do. We aspire to connect to every driver in the U.S., bringing them valuable solutions so that we can create a future where all roads – and the people who use them – are safe.

Thankfully, we’re partners with Life360 which is among the top 50 most downloaded apps daily on both iOS and Android. This means our solutions, Crash Detection and driving behavior insights, are becoming available to new people every day as they download the app to help keep their families safe.

“By embracing experimentation and prioritizing accuracy, Arity has added value to our program even beyond our increased ability to keep families safe on the road.” – Life360 employee

To further expand our impact, we continue to partner with other mobile apps across a wide range of industries and app categories. Every time we onboard a new Crash Detection partner, we are able to reach more people, save more lives, and get closer to a future of zero road fatalities.

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