Leveraging constant connections for a seamless transportation landscape

At Business Insider’s IGNITION Transportation event, Hallgren discusses the importance of collecting and analyzing driving data.

On October 22nd, our very own Gary Hallgren, President of Arity, spoke in a session at Business Insider’s IGNITION: Transportation event in San Francisco. The event centered on the disruptive technologies needed to conquer the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow and featured prominent business industry leaders, media, and innovators who are working to build these technologies.

Gary appreciated the opportunity to discuss Arity’s bold vision for the future of transportation, and how our technologies are designed to become the foundation for a seamless transportation ecosystem, with Matt Weinberger, Technology Reporter at Business Insider. Read on to learn what they discussed.

A New Future for Transportation Requires Effort

Right now, the future of a truly efficient, effective, and safe transportation system sounds about as real as 5G or AI-enabled robots: it’s looming in the distance, but still requires such a significant amount of regulatory and technological effort that it feels like we’ll never get there. And yet, it’s so critical that we do. One could argue that we must.

Why? With 68 percent of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, according to the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the toll on our current systems will be significant. Congestion, overcrowding and crumbling infrastructure will create safety hazards, massive waste, and inefficiencies if more is not done to prioritize our collective future.

Disparate Entities Must Join Forces for Seamless Connections

Transportation is rapidly evolving, and companies are struggling to solve for the “right now;” the long-term future is a whole other challenge. Today, the data needed to create a more cohesive and transformational mobility system to accommodate these issues is fragmented across disparate entities: insurers, OEMs, sharing economy providers, municipalities, and others.

With millions of continuous consumer connections and the largest, most credible mobile and loss cost data set, Arity is building solutions for businesses across transportation to help answer the big questions, such as:

  • “Why are there more crashes happening at this intersection?”
  • “How do I recruit drivers that are best for my program?”
  • “How can I more accurately predict a driver’s risk?”

Fragmented data and disconnected agendas across the ecosystem simply are not an option. We need a system that builds on seamless connections because the thing is, they already exist.

It’s Time to Harness the Power of Continuous Connections

We are on our phones almost constantly. The average person has about 60 to 90 apps and most likely has location services enabled on most of them. What if we could harness these connections? What if we could use them to fix the transportation ecosystem?

The truth is we can, in the same way retailers and streaming services have already mastered personalizing offers, anticipating needs, and influencing behaviors. By leveraging our constant connections, we can help solve for an already crowded transportation system.

Understand Mobility at Scale to Empower Context-Driven Personalization

Whether it’s rideshare, micro-mobility, or autonomous vehicles, the mobility landscape is only becoming more convoluted. Our focus is to continue to understand the system at scale so that we can empower businesses to build new models and adapt old models alongside the disruption that’s happening across transportation.

Today, companies are building based on legacy models: what we knew to be true. But they must also understand the entire landscape, and that’s where we give companies insights that translate into actual uses and costs while continuing to lead at the vanguard of creating ethical data policies rooted in transparency.

With this frame of mind, the team at Arity is using the data collected via connections gained in consent-based model scenarios, such as Life360, UBI programs and more, to provide the path to the context-driven personalized future we envision for tomorrow.

Interconnections Are Key to a Successful Future of Transportation

By connecting commuters and their data outputs not only to one another but also to claims data, we could completely change the equation, for example, cities could have visibility into and understand the trends for:

  • High-traffic areas for cars, scooters, and bikes,
  • Which roads are most congested, and
  • Which roads are least safe, depending on the conditions

Only by getting these things right today in a seamless and ethical way can we hope to achieve the future of drones or autonomous vehicles.

Arity’s goal is to build a future of transportation that is safer, smarter, and more useful for everyone. Because we are able to build, analyze, and accurately capture the data inputs of both today and tomorrow — all in a way that protects consumers’ data — we can help our customers lay the foundation for this future today.

Watch Arity’s full panel discussion at Business Insider IGNITION.

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