Key takeaways: What mobile apps need to give to get user trust

In this summary of Arity's webinar for the Mobile Growth Association, experts share what drives app user trust.

Arity’s Chuck Fuller, Director of Product Management, and Chase Davis, Sales Engineering Manager, took the virtual stage in a Mobile Growth Association webinar to discuss how apps can gain trust by giving their users more personalization. The presentation combines insights from Arity’s latest research with our years of experience helping mobile app publishers develop solutions that engage their users. Here are their key takeaways:

“For apps to be successful, it has to be differentiated.” – Chuck Fuller

App publishers’ never-ending challenge is to figure out how to bring customers to the door, get them to walk through it, and encourage them to stick around for a while – which is a challenging feat. In fact, a huge percentage of users uninstall within 24 to 48 hours of initial download.

From their experience working with a variety of customers in the mobile app space, Chuck and Chase understand it’s all about personalization. For an app to be successful, it has to offer that WOW factor to stand out from the crowd of two million apps in the Apple App Store.

Creating personalized experiences for users requires a lot of time and effort from mobile publishers, and it becomes even more difficult when they run into the data roadblock. It’s common for publishers to scrap an innovative idea over the fear of upsetting and losing current customers if it requires a new permission to access users’ data.

And inevitably, that data is a critical component to making personalized features possible. So, how can publishers confidently ask for users to trust them with their data? It’s all about the value exchange.

“Value is the most critical component to building trust.” – Chuck Fuller

Arity’s research, conducted in 2022 with 783 adult smartphone users, found that value supersedes trust. Users are more willing to trust apps with their data if they view that app as valuable to their day-to-day lives.

For instance, participants ranked “social media” as the least trusted app category. But at the same time, it has the highest number of active users. In Arity’s study, 75% of participants said they appreciate when apps use their data to provide personalized experiences, and social media companies are notorious for creating addictive algorithms that cater to each user’s individual interests.

In addition to personalized experiences, users are also willing to exchange data for immediate, tangible value. 65% of participants said they would share personal data in exchange for cash, points, rewards, and products.

So, to really maximize user trust, mobile publishers should map out what personalized experiences and offers they can provide. Ultimately, value given is trust gained.

“It’s all about clarity, transparency, and being forthright with consumers.” – Chase Davis

Once mobile publishers decide what value they will provide to users, the next steps are to:

  1. Identify what data is needed from users to make that possible
  2. Communicate that value exchange

Arity’s study reported that more than 65% of participants said clearly communicated privacy policies influence how much they trust mobile apps. Because of this, it’s important to pass on three essential messages. Mobile publishers need to communicate:

  1. What information is being collected.
  2. How that information is being used to add value.
  3. What is being done to keep that information secure.

When WeatherBug partnered with Arity to incorporate its mobile app solutions, Chuck said the team created prompts that very clearly addressed those specific questions. Once those prompts were established, the app saw improved rates of user opt-in.

For example, “Allow *app* to access your location while you are using the app?” has a much better opt-in rate when it’s followed by, “Your current location will be displayed on the map and used for directions.”

The value exchange needs to be at the forefront of communications throughout a user’s journey – not just at the beginning. Once an app builds a story of value, it gains users’ trust along with more installs and engagement.

To learn more about Arity’s role in leveling up in-app experiences, watch Chuck and Chase’s webinar above or contact us for a consultation.

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