Fuel retailers: Drive customer loyalty with a data-driven rewards program

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How can fuel retailers uplevel their rewards programs with predictive mobility data?

Fuel retailers and convenience stores (C-stores) are increasingly turning to rewards programs as a way to attract customers and keep them coming back. And while it’s a strong strategy to garner customer loyalty, it’s becoming more and more competitive.

In a sea of rewards programs, how can fuel retailers make sure customers choose to onboard theirs? Read on to learn how Predictive Mobility can uplevel rewards programs, leveraging unique data to drive customer loyalty.

But first, why rewards programs?

Before we dive into the benefits of a data-driven rewards program, it’s important to understand why these are becoming so popular in the first place.

While rewards programs started off as simple punch cards, mobile apps have skyrocketed their capabilities. Now, these programs enable user engagement, cross-selling opportunities, and unparalleled insights – all in the name of gaining and retaining customers.

So, it’s obvious there’s value in rewards programs. In fact, a loyalty report from Paytronix found that C-store loyalty members spend on average 12% more than non-loyalty customers.

But how can fuel retailers stand out among the crowd when many key industry players have their own version out there?

Uplevel rewards programs with data-driven features

Successful rewards programs pave the way for a lasting relationship with a customer, which means building a mobile app experience that keeps them coming back for more. That’s why valuable in-app features, like personalized offers and gamification, are important to staying top of mind and starting to form that meaningful connection.

But there’s one key ingredient needed to power those features: Data.

With predictive mobility data, fuel retailers can create features that increase their apps’ overall engagement – session frequency and duration – which in turn can encourage C-store visits and purchases.

Personalized messages and offers: Stay top of mind and drive purchases.

As with any relationship, people want to feel valued. And one way to show a customer that you value their individuality is to tailor your offers and rewards to their interests and behaviors.

Think about it – a mass offer of discounted breakfast burritos to all rewards program members won’t be relevant to people who don’t fuel up or pass by your location in the morning. Customers are likely to ignore these irrelevant messages, and after a few, they may get annoyed and ditch the program altogether.

With predictive mobility data, fuel retailers can use insights into a customer’s routes and routines to capture their attention at the right moment with relevant messaging and offers.

So, those who typically fuel up in the morning can receive a discount on a breakfast burrito, while someone who passes by after hitting the gym in the evening can receive a deal on a post-workout snack.

Gamification: Engage customers and encourage C-store visits.

To engage customers in a unique and interesting way, fuel retailers can gamify their experience – going beyond a standard, purchase-based point system to offering fun challenges for customers to complete.

Arity’s fuel retail partners are using Arity Predictive Mobility to power unique, valuable mobile app-based experiences. As one example, a “scavenger hunt” challenge for rewards program members. Here’s how it works:


Illustration of how Arity Predictive Mobility adds value to the mobile app user experience.


#1 Within its mobile app, a fuel retailer can prompt users to participate in its loyalty program to earn points by visiting C-store locations.

#2 After opting in, users can receive messages about their chances to earn points with store visit challenges.

#3 Then with the personalized station finder, users can view which C-store locations along their typical routes have the best challenges for them to earn points!

Beyond rewards: Data-driven personalization

When it comes to predictive mobility data, enhancing a fuel retailer’s rewards program is just one way it can uplevel their customer experience. Really, these insights around how, when, and where your customers drive can power personalized features across all parts of your mobile app – including the ads you display.

Want to learn more? Contact us to explore how our data-driven mobile app solutions can uplevel your user experience.

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