Encouraging a culture of personal and professional development

Arity celebrates Employee Development Month. Take a look inside our culture of ongoing professional development.

When companies collaborate with Arity, they are investing in knowledge. Not only through mobility data and insights, but also with the wealth of experience and expertise of our employees.

The success of our mission depends on the continued successes of our employees. At Arity, learning has always been a part of our culture. That’s why we are proud to celebrate our second annual Arity Employee Development Month in March.

This March, as we reflect on the past year and plan for the next, we focus on encouraging the personal and professional growth of our employees — from leadership to entry-level — on a continuing basis.

What is Employee Development Month?

 Our goal is to put employees in control of their own development and careers. To do this, we:

  • Raise awareness of the tools and opportunities for personal and professional growth that are available to employees, including learning tools, development plan builders, and intercultural development training and exercises.
  • Rally our employees around personal and professional development and inspire them to create a development plan for the year to reach their goals. This plan will identify the areas the employee wants to focus on, while putting their manager in a supportive role.
  • Inspire participation in monthly Learn Days, where employees can focus on accomplishing their yearly development goals. Learn day provides a monthly opportunity for employees to dedicate time to develop in a way that best suits them; through self-study, attending or presenting at Learn Day, or utilizing one of the many development platforms that are offered.

Creating a supportive, ongoing learning environment

Through Employee Development Month and our First Friday Learn Days, we hope to help Arity employees own their careers. Putting a plan into place and sharing it with a manager and others puts employees in control of their development. How so? Let’s take a look at three benefits:

  1. A development plan alerts managers about an individual’s professional and personal development goals. This enables the manager to support the employee in various ways throughout the year. For example, they can share learning opportunities such as attending a webinar or assign work that could help develop those desired skills.
  2. Having a plan helps employees strategically take advantage of the many learning and development resources offered at Arity.
  3. Gaining new leadership, professional and personal skills, and knowledge can help make work feel more satisfying and can lead to sought-after professional opportunities.

Not only does investing in our employees help them achieve personal and professional successes, but we hope it also lets them know that they are valued, supported in their career and lives, and are encouraged to grow and advance.

An added bonus? A team that is continually learning is also bringing new skills and ideas to the table for our customers.

Arity Employee Development Month: A week-by-week snapshot

It’s one thing to promise to support ongoing education and development, and it’s another to set aside time to do something about it. What can Arity employees expect during the month of March?

This year is queued up to be much more robust than last year.

Week 1: Four development areas are encouraged for exploration.

  • Career advancement, including growing their careers vertically or laterally.
  • Skill building, such as with the areas of technical, analytical, design, and marketing or improved communication, management, or public speaking.
  • Well-being, including physical, fiscal, and emotional.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, such as dedicating time to intercultural proficiency or addressing hidden biases.

Week 2: We’ll guide employees to noting their current skillsets and the gaps they need to fill to reach their goals.

Week 3: We’ll highlight employee learning options and resources to reach their goals.

Week 4: We’ll provide structure for employees to develop and document a plan that they can share with their manager and others and follow throughout the year.

A proactive, employee-first approach to success

Not only is Arity dedicated to sharing data and insights about the world and how people move from here to there, but we are also taking steps toward a stronger culture of knowledge and professional growth.

We want to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone, and that starts with supporting our employees and their personal learning and development goals. The success of our mission depends on the continued success of our employees.

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