Meet your customers where they are: Personalize your mobile app with a mobility SDK

The Apple Store and Google Play now offer more than two million mobile apps for download, creating a competitive environment for mobile app publishers. In a crowded marketplace, it takes genuine connections to engage new and existing customers. But how can app publishers authentically engage each individual?  

Despite the benefits of targeted messaging, strategies that rely on group-based algorithms or proxies may miss the mark. Though some consumer algorithms prove accurate, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to individual users. Messaging purely based on algorithms can come off as cold, turning away users when their content or offers are irrelevant.  

When it comes to user engagement, data from a mobility software development kit (SDK) provides new insights into user behaviors that help to further personalize your app experience. 

Why personalization matters 

In a world where consumers are fed content all hours of the day, personalization is key for engagement. In fact, a study by KIBO, Monetate, and Certona found that 70% of brands that rely on advanced personalization captured 200% ROI from their efforts. 

A lack of personalization drives users away from apps. For example, elements like push notifications can seem annoying rather than relevant if they contain generic or wrong messaging. Similarly, a mobile app experience may prove less-than-valuable if it displays the wrong content to users.  

Without insights into real customer behaviors, it’s difficult to create targeted messaging that meets the needs of your audience. A customer who finds your messaging “salesy,” disingenuous, or surface-level will likely avoid engaging with your platform. And if you use inaccurate or nonspecific data, targeted offers might come at the wrong time or place. 

Location data is the next frontier of the user experience. With a mobility SDK, mobile apps can ensure that locations connected to your customers are accurately sourced. The result? By knowing where your customer is, you can craft better messaging that reaches the right users at the right time. 

How investing in a mobility SDK enhances UX 

By analyzing mobility data, you can understand where your customers are traveling and how they’re getting there. Mobility data allows you to craft a more relevant experience for users by providing insights such as: 

  1. Common routes: Insights into frequently traveled routes can help narrow down points of interest for consumers and yield a better understanding of their buying needs for more accurate messaging and offers
  2. Location: Strategic mobile app decisions can be tailored to location details such as work vs. home. For example, for a mobile restaurant app, home and work locations indicate when someone may be commuting. At the appropriate moment, the consumer may receive a notification similar to, “We see you’re passing our restaurant. Stop in for 25% off any breakfast item.” 
  3. Trip frequency and duration: Gain insights into average times on the road or durations at various locations to understand where consumers are spending their time. This can help you understand where and when your consumers should receive certain types of messaging. 
  4. Mode of transport: A mobility SDK can help you understand how people travel in specific regions.  

Are your customers more likely to take a bus, train, bike, or car? Knowing common modes of transport can help you communicate relevant messages to your desired audience based on where and how they commute. 

Refine your mobile app experience with Arity 

Start connecting authentically with your target audiences. Arity helps you access unrivaled consumer mobility data and insights. Our SDK integration provides the location and transportation-related information you need to deliver more personalized experiences to your users.  

 Additionally, our mobility SDK benefits publishers across industries. Partnering with Arity enhances the user experience across apps related to mobility — including weather, mapping, navigation, fuel, and personal finance. 

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