Mobility data 101: A beginner’s guide to leveraging a telematics SDK for your mobile app

In the transportation and mobile app industry, data is vital to understanding your audience. Recently, mobility data has become an industry buzzword for app publishers and developers. But what is mobility data, and why is it important for mobile app publishers?   

Mobility data is raw transportation data that captures how people travel, where they travel, and trip duration. When context is combined with mobility data, it can provide mobility insights that help organizations make better business decisions.   

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-centric, mobile app publishers that take advantage of mobility data gain a competitive edge by improving their ability to refine the in-app experience. 

Bridging the gaps in a mobile app experience  

Without mobility data, it’s difficult for mobile app publishers to optimize their app’s user experience and maintain user engagement. However, the process of gathering and analyzing mobility data can be challenging for mobile app publishers that lack resources or expertise.  

A lack of data results in an incomplete picture of users’ journeys — making it difficult for publishers to understand how their app fits into users’ daily lives or how they can deliver more value to users. 

Finding new ways to acquire customers remains a challenge for many app publishers in a competitive market. And it’s even harder to acquire and engage customers when you don’t understand what they want.  

Implementing a telematics SDK  

So what solutions are available to help you gather and analyze data quickly, without reinventing the wheel? Telematics software development kits (SDKs) help you gather and analyze mobility data without building your own solutions. These SDKs can save time and resources, and provide a more accurate and comprehensive picture of your users’ driver behavior. 

Implementing a telematics SDK may sound daunting, but with the help of an expert partner, it enables you to quickly collect and analyze mobility data and enhance your mobile app experience. Telematics SDKs integrate directly into your mobile app to collect and provide insights on your customers’ driving speed, location, and common routes. 

How can an SDK benefit mobile app experiences? Use cases include:  

  • Fleet management apps: Telematics SDKs offer fleet management solutions, which mobile app publishers can rely on to manage their fleet of vehicles. Features can include vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and maintenance scheduling — information that helps improve the user experience and attract new customers. 
  • Roadside assistance apps: Telematics SDKs may also offer safety features such as crash detection, emergency response, and roadside assistance. Mobile app publishers can integrate these features into their apps to enhance the safety of their users. 

Take advantage of Arity’s mobile app solutions 

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