How to make mobile app experiences more engaging with vehicle behavioral analytics

When we think of a joyride, we typically think of reckless driving behaviors. But it’s possible to incentivize good driving behaviors in a way that engages customers and makes safe driving a gratifying experience.   

Obviously, drivers should never actively use their mobile devices while driving. But you can empower customers to make safer driving decisions by gamifying, streamlining, and prioritizing accessible mobile app experiences with the help of vehicle behavioral analytics 

Gamify safer driving  

Gamification increases user engagement by using competition as a tool to promote safe driving. Informed by mobility insights, safe driving games promote safer driving because they allow app developers to determine whether drivers are participating in risky behavior.  

By building gamification into your app, you provide drivers with challenges or missions that result in rewards or discounts. This approach builds positive driving habits among users and increases customer loyalty. Vehicle behavioral analytics are used to inform engaging user experiences. Examples of data used include: 

  • Home and work locations 
  • Commonly traveled routes 
  • Mode of transportation 
  • Trip frequency and duration 

Streamline user experiences  

A seamless and intuitive in-app experience improves your ability to engage users and retain them as long-term customers.  

On the other hand, a clunky or complicated interface can frustrate users, decreasing retention. Because fewer users means less data, prioritize user retention by making sure your application is seamless and intuitive.  

Prioritize transparency  

When it comes to data sharing, transparency should be your number one priority.  Ask your users to opt-in before their data is collected, and make it clear that in exchange for their data users receive valuable insights and experiences tailored specifically to them.  

You also want to be transparent about the data you’re collecting and the mechanisms of data collection. Be upfront about your privacy practices, including how you use and share personal information.  

Why Arity?  

At Arity we offer insights based on actual driving behavior allowing publishers to create relevant and engaging user experiences. Our Arity Driving Engine SDK makes collecting driving and mobility data easy while seamlessly integrating into your personalized user experience. 

Learn more about how our mobile app solutions can help make vehicle behavioral analytics more engaging for your customers.