What’s under the hood: Arity Experience Design

At the heart of Arity are the people that work here, the dreamers, doers and difference makers. Check out what fuels our Experience Design team.

The Experience Design (XD) team at Arity is a multi-disciplinary group that designs user interactions and experiences for devices, systems and services that provide a positive, engaging and productive experience. Using an agile mentality and lean product development, they create more than just products; they are obsessed with creating experiences. The team consists of top-notch Design Leads, Experience Designers, Content Designers, Design Researchers, Visual Designers and UI Engineers. The XD team is responsible for applying knowledge of user-centered design methods, human-computer interaction and industry best practices to drive useful and usable interface design solutions. Peek under the hood of our XD team and discover what makes them unique:

Human centered design focus

Arity is a human-centered design focused company and is utterly committed to design thinking. This is echoed by our XD team, who takes it to the next level. The team develops solutions to problems by involving human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. Every product or piece of content that is produced is created with the user in mind. By working directly with our products, the team takes an interactive approach that focuses on user needs and requirements and applies human factors, usability knowledge and techniques. Knowing what makes the user tick is their bread and butter, and they are always asking, “Why?”

They look at the bigger picture

Touching all aspects of the business, the XD team looks through a lens that focuses on the bigger picture. They connect the dots across research, assess customer needs and piece the story together. They have empathy for the user on all levels and are committed to designing experiences for every user – from CEOs to developers – and are often putting themselves in the shoes of someone with a different perspective.

Arity’s mission

Arity XD stands at the forefront of new mobility and personal transportation. The work is exciting, cutting edge and paired with an honorable purpose. They don’t just babysit mature products that need maintenance; they are creating product experiences that are more than novelties or frivolous items. The Arity XD team is designing experiences that will impact society and ultimately make transportation smarter, safer and more useful for everyone.


Our XD team prides themselves on their collaboration skills. They have deep partnerships with product teams and are encouraged to be strategic. Their strong communication skills help them explain their ideas, from sketches to prototypes. The team has a diverse set of talent, so they are often working with people who complete their skillsets. This means playing to their strengths and counting on others to help fill in the gaps. Every morning, they check their egos at the door as they are open-minded and thrive on any and all feedback.

Opportunity to build a company’s XD identity

While Arity is growing as a company, so is our XD team. They touch the lifecycle of products across multiple verticals including Sharing Economy, Insurance Solutions, Smart Cities, developer experiences, Automotive and more. This creates an excitement and breadth of knowledge while also allowing them to define where they are going. They are constantly learning new things and creating their identity, which makes the work all the more captivating.

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Arity is a mobility data and analytics company. We provide data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical.