What’s under the hood: Arity Customer Success

At the heart of Arity are the people that work here, the dreamers, doers and difference makers. Check out what fuels our Customer Success team.

To ensure that Arity’s customers receive continuous value, insights and support throughout their journey, we count on our Customer Success team. This team consists of Customer Success Managers, Customer Support Liaisons and Analysts, Project Managers and Sales Engineers. Through their passion for technology paired with people skills, this team helps Arity’s customers achieve tangible outcomes. Peek under the hood of our Customer Success team and discover what makes them tick.

They are the voice of the customer and face of Arity

The Customer Success team is the voice of both Arity and the customer meaning that the Customer Success team members must advocate for both to ensure a long-lasting relationship. Customer Success also guarantees that customers and Arity are well-matched and remain in sync.


Customer Success employees are empathetic in working with multiple customers, viewpoints and products. They develop relationships that are meant to last and evolve together as they work to achieve both parties’ goals. Their desire is to broaden and deepen the engagement to help Arity’s customers win in their business and industry.                                                                                          

Highly skilled in relationship management

The Customer Success team works with customers’ Operations, Product, Technology and Business Strategy teams, which allows Arity to have a comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs, priorities and goals. This also allows the team to best align and provide solutions that position customers for desired outcomes and success. Customer Success team members are skilled at providing feedback and navigating difficult conversations. No two customers are the same, which means our team needs to be flexible and adapt quickly.

An incredible mission paired with a collaborative environment

The Customer Success team pairs a passion for technology with relationship-building to ensure everyone progresses. Customer Success collaborates with multiple Arity teams to stay current with emerging product trends and strategies resulting in well-defined business solutions. Thanks to Arity’s collaborative environment, Customer Success team members feel ownership and empowerment.

Results oriented and empowered to solve problems

The Customer Success team identifies customers’ desired outcomes and facilitates and plans how to achieve and measure those outcomes. This team stays current on Arity’s product portfolio and thinking about how it can fulfill customers’ needs and in turn collaborates to help establish Arity’s product strategies and roadmaps based on customer needs and priorities. They plan implementations and are always dialed in, able to coordinate and collaborate and work quickly to solve problems. Team members are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, problem solve and challenge themselves.

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