#WeAreArity Wednesday: Jen Moran

In our #WeAreArity series, we shine a spotlight on Arity employees each week. This week, meet Associate Marketing Comms Manager, Jen Moran.

When Mom asks me what it is that I do again, I say…..

She has a pretty good idea of what I do and gets it because she works for our parent company, Allstate. But, when other people ask me…At Arity, I am able to make the decision on how we show up at conferences across the U.S.  It’s pretty cool, and it’s a job I never realized I really wanted.

In your own words, what is Arity?

A tech company who is gathering and analyzing data to make improvements in the transportation industry.

My favorite mode of transportation is …

A plane headed for California so I can visit my sister and enjoy wine country.

On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me…

Looking for new ways to explore the city without a car, whether it’s hopping from train to train, ride-sharing, or walking.

Most people don’t know that…

I love to cook and entertain. Cooking allows me to express my creativity.

The theme song of my life is…

I wouldn’t say it’s the theme song, per se, but it is probably one of my all-time favs.  Common, The Light.  It is meant to be a love song, but it’s also a song about respect.  To me, the song means more than respecting the person you’re with, but respecting everyone you come across in your day-to-day life.

Talk to your rideshare driver or silent ride?

It really depends on my mood.  Sometimes I’ll be super chatty, and I’ll ask why the driver selected Uber vs. Lyft or the other way around.  Sometimes I find myself wishing there was a button to notify the driver I don’t feel like talking.

Would you get in a self-driving car? Why or why not?

I would but only if the car is on a closed course, to start.

Headshot of Arity
Arity is a mobility data and analytics company. We provide data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical.