#WeAreArity Wednesday: James Domenella

In our #WeAreArity series, we shine a spotlight on Arity employees each week. This week meet, Digital Delivery Leader, James Domenella.

When Mom asks me what it is that I do again, I say…

At Arity, I lead teams of amazing technology experts to deliver cutting edge solutions that make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone.

In your own words, what is Arity?

To me Arity is a team of remarkable people. People who use the latest technology, smartest insights, and our shared skills to improve our daily lives. Everyone at Arity knows the value and impact our work provides to our customers, communities, and cities.

My favorite mode of transportation is…

A tie between driving and bicycling. There’s nothing quite like cruising down an open road, windows down, sunroof open, and some great music on the stereo. Conversely biking through forest preserves, pushing yourself further, and enjoying the peacefulness of nature is a great way to relax.

On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me…

Usually out and about spending time with friends and family. If the weather’s not so good, I can be found inside playing racquetball or video games with friends.

If you could volunteer for any cause, what would it be? Why?

I would volunteer for the Red Cross. The Red Cross provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education across our country and across the globe. Being able to travel, provide direct aid, and comfort those struck by natural disasters would be so rewarding.

Most people don’t know that…

I am a big fan of going to concerts and music festivals. Being with a bunch of friends in a huge stadium or outside listening, dancing, and enjoying music is just a ton of fun!

The theme song of my life is…

I’d have to go with “Beautiful Day” by U2. This song is so fitting for me because I always try to see the positive in any situation. Some days may be tougher than others, but when it all boils down to it, it’s important to make the most out of every day.

Talk to your rideshare driver or silent ride?

I’m not a regular user of rideshare services, but when I do I usually find myself chatting with the driver. Some of the stories and conversations I’ve had have been quite interesting. It’s cool to hear some of the crazy things that happen around the area, and get to know the people I encounter throughout my day.

Would you get in a self-driving car? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Self-Driving cars are the way of the future. With all the technology already in our cars, we are getting closer and closer to a world where self-driving cars with be common. At first, I do feel it will be a bit strange to get into a vehicle that automatically takes you where you want to go, but over time I feel it will become the new standard. Also, I’ve observed how some of my human counterparts drive their cars, which leads me to think that it’d be safer if cars drove themselves!

Headshot of Arity
Arity is a mobility data and analytics company. We provide data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical.