#WeAreArity Wednesday: Dave Lobdell

In our #WeAreArity Wednesday series, we shine a spotlight on Arity employees each week. Meet Dave Lobdell from our Sales team.

When my friend asks me what it is that I do again, I say…

I work for an Allstate subsidiary, Arity – we are a mobility data and analytics company with a focus on understanding driving behavior.  I create partnerships with companies who use this data to build safer roads, better routes and develop business insights.

In your own words, what is Arity?

Arity knows and understands how people behave behind the wheel from point A to point B and uses that knowledge to help consumers become better drivers therefore saving them money on their auto insurance, peace of mind for their family and helping the shared economy to make data-driven decisions on hiring and developing better drivers.

What is your work for home set up like?

I love my home-office because I need a lot of space for several screens and the design fits my personality and motivations – family, work, and my kid’s sports.

We all commuted into the office prior to COVID, how are you spending the extra time?

I save close to 3 hours per day so most of that time goes into being more productive, but it also allows a little time for a pre-work soak in the hot tub after an early workout!

Most people don’t know that…

I have a passion for music – everything from my favorites, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin to old-school jazz to Barbra Streisand and The Carpenters (there I said it, don’t judge me it’s good stuff!)

The theme song of my life is…

“Right Now” by Van Halen

Would you get in a self-driving car? Why or why not? 

I definitely would but would start in short increments until I felt comfortable with it.

Favorite innovation pioneer?  

Billy Bean (MoneyBall) for single handedly changing how the sporting world, starting with baseball, can make intelligent use of data to dramatically impact performance while decreasing cost.

Headshot of Arity
Arity is a mobility data and analytics company. We provide data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical.