Maximize auto aftermarket business planning efforts with real-time driving behavior data

Driving behavior data offers auto aftermarket businesses rare insight into when and where to find the drivers that need them most

Auto aftermarket industry leaders often must rely on limited or dated data to predict their business needs – things like consumer auto parts replacement and maintenance services. From a logistics standpoint, this can lead to too much or too little inventory and staff at store locations, forcing your customers to look to your competitors. From a marketer’s position, it can lead to missing the target audience at the right time, which results in over- or underspending on advertising.

Until recently, the art and science of auto aftermarket marketing strategy relied on the “art” piece. That can be effective when driving behaviors are predictable and marketers have a lot of experience. But COVID created a constantly changing wave of driving behavior changes that has left even the most experienced marketers scratching their heads.

Thankfully, marketers have a more scientific tool to better find and target the best customer prospects: driving data that shows driving volume and behaviors at the state, city, and even zip code level.

Local Driving Data Informs Auto Aftermarket Industry of Real-Time Trends

Our driving data shows driving trends have dramatically changed over the last couple of years due to more people working from home and many moving to more rural areas. The data also shows those trends continue to evolve.

For example, fewer people are on the roads today, and those drivers who are on the road are clocking more miles on average than in the past. Arity analysis found that in all areas – large metro, large suburban, and small suburban – more counties experienced an increase in drivers and miles, and the numbers keep evolving.

  • Large metro communities show an increase in drivers and miles.
    • In July 2021, 13% of large metro areas experienced an increase of drivers on the road, compared to three years prior.Today, 79% of large metro areas see more cars on the road. And these drivers are going places. In July 2021, 77% of the counties saw more mileage on their roads, compared to three years prior. Today, 99% of the counties are experiencing more mileage.
  • Large suburban communities see more drivers and miles.
    • In July 2021, 47% of large suburban counties experienced an increase of drivers on the road, compared to three years prior.Today, 89% of them see more cars on the road. And these drivers are also driving more. In July 2021, 89% of those counties saw more mileage on their roads, compared to three years prior. Today, 100% of the counties are experiencing more mileage.

The best auto aftermarket customers are those who need repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts most often – those drivers who do the most driving and have riskier driving habits. But as driving trends continue to evolve, how can marketers predict risk and driving behaviors up front?

Improve Marketing ROI and Target the Best Auto Aftermarket Customers

Arity driving behavior data gives auto aftermarket businesses easy and quick access to geographically relevant driving data that can answer specific questions about miles traveled and driving events down to the zip code level:

  • Are miles increasing or decreasing through a specific area?
    • Are drivers local or just passing through?
    • Is the population density increasing or decreasing?
    • Are there more hard braking events?
    • Are there acceleration changes in this area?
    • Is there more or less time spent at excessive highway speeds?

Imagine the impact of having this kind of detailed driving data not only from three to six months ago, but from a few days ago.

With data that helps answer questions like these, auto aftermarket marketers and business managers can predict customer needs. These needs include when they might need tires, brakes, or other parts replacements; when they might need service, including oil changes and regular maintenance; and when and where they will want these products and services. And Arity Audiences provide just these types of insights to help connect with your best customers at the right time and place.

If you are interested in leveraging Arity Audiences or any of our solutions designed with the auto aftermarket in mind, visit us at AutoCare Connect event in Orlando next week, or connect with us directly.

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