Join Arity in celebrating distracted driving awareness month

At Arity, we want to bring awareness to distracted driving behaviors while on the road by personally pledging to break the cycle of distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an important time for us at Arity as we strive to make the future of transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for all.

To support this month’s mission, we are taking part in a series of activities geared towards raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, and a big part of that means looking at our own day-to-day driving behaviors.

Looking at the data from our 2019 Distracted Driving Study, a major trend identified a growing group of people known as the “Distracted Deniers.” These are drivers who are aware and concerned about the dangers of distracted driving, yet their efforts to prevent those behaviors have decreased by 10% since 2018. People know that distracted driving is a problem – yet they just can’t seem to stop performing behaviors that cause them to be distracted.

Who hasn’t played with the radio, tried to reroute a GPS or pulled French fries out of a bag while they’re driving?

Everyone has their moments of being distracted. But starting this month, it’s time to actively commit to lessening our distractions behind the wheel. And we want you to join us. Here’s how you can come along with Arity for the ride:

Taking the Pledge

At Arity, we want to bring awareness to distracted driving behaviors while on the road by personally pledging to break the cycle of distracted driving.

Across Arity’s social channels we’ll be asking the Arity community to take a personal pledge with us and let the world know about our commitment to putting our phones down while driving:

At Arity, we believe in the power of data to do much more than transform industries but to also save lives. It’s up to us to take the insights garnered from it to act.

And when it comes to distracted driving, the data tells us it’s time to stop and pay attention.

Arity is continuing our commitment to making transportation safer by pledging to drive with the data in mind and stay away from distracted driving behaviors behind the wheel. April is Distracted Driving Awareness month – let’s lead together by pledging to stop driving distracted.

Spread the word and invite your friends.

Learning the Facts

Throughout April, we will be sharing facts around the perceptions and behaviors that characterize distracted driving on our social media channels via a series of statistics and polls.

Think you know about Distracted Driving? Participate in our polls to test your knowledge and learn some of the behaviors at the heart of the distracted driving epidemic. If you want to prep yourself to be a Quiz Master, be sure to check out some of the statistics on distracted driving from the National Highway Safety Transportation Authority.

Wondering who else is down to end Distracted Driving? The Arity team themselves.

We’re committed from the inside to ending distracted driving. Read our latest research on distracted driving across the U.S.

Remember, while Distracted Driving Awareness Month is throughout April, the epidemic of distracted driving is something that must always be combatted in the age of always-on technology. Help us spread the word and encourage others to identify their own distracted behaviors behind the wheel and pledge to hold themselves accountable for making the roads safer for everyone.

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