How driving behavior data will transform your marketing strategy

Why is behavioral data – specifically how people move in the real world – critical to understanding and reaching target consumers and maximizing profitability?

As a marketer today, connecting with your best prospects is more important than ever, with so many screens and messages competing for share of mind. Studies show the average consumer sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day across all channels, so cutting through the clutter in an efficient way by reaching your best customers is critical to success.

For most marketers, broad-based advertising is not efficient because there’s so much wasted spend. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, it’s critical to understand the quality of the prospects you’re targeting so you don’t waste money converting customers you don’t ultimately want – ones less valuable to your business, or worse, who might even end up costing you money.

One key way to do this is to leverage behavioral data to identify and reach the very best customers for your business. In fact, more than 70% of marketers say consumer data is the lifeblood of their marketing strategies. And according to McKinsey, organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85 percent in sales growth and more than 25 percent in gross margin.

It’s clear that behavioral data is a critical piece of any marketing strategy, and there’s an overwhelming amount of data available about how consumers behave online. But most marketers have very limited knowledge of how their prospects behave in the physical world, to inform what kind of customers they will become. To get that understanding, they need not just behavioral data, but data that’s collected from people’s actual day-to-day movements.

Mobility data powers real-world insights

One type of data that helps marketers understand where their customers go in the real world is location data. Location data doesn’t provide insight into real behaviors and movements; it’s a snapshot of where someone was at a point in time, but tells you nothing about where they’re going, how they’re getting there, and how they’re driving.

To understand how people actually move through the world, a different type of data, called mobility data, is what’s needed. This is data that’s collected from actual drivers in the real world, during their travels from point A to point B – and not just where and when they drove, but how they drove along the way. As Business Insider reported, top marketers from companies including Chipotle, Walmart, Turo, and ad agency Essence, are using mobility data to connect with their customers and make ad campaigns more useful for people at all stages of the customer journey.

Mobility data can be valuable to marketers of all kinds. Auto insurance companies are one of the most obvious types of companies who are interested in how people drive; they can use driving data to target the very best drivers on the road, who are most likely to become profitable customers in the long run.

But there are many other industries who can use driving data to find and reach their best customers efficiently at scale:

    • Auto aftermarket brands can reach higher-risk and long-haul drivers likely to put more wear and tear on their vehicles

    • Car accessory makers can connect with drivers who spend more time in their cars and care about keeping them organized and clean

    • Car manufacturers and dealers can reach customers with specific driving priorities like safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, and can target by average daily mileage driven

    • Roadside assistance providers can reach drivers exhibiting riskier driving behaviors, who may be more likely to need their services in the future

    • Rideshare and delivery companies can connect with drivers who exhibit safe driving behaviors and are often on the road, making them good candidates for drivers

    • Driving apps can target drivers based on when, where, and how far they drive, to offer them helpful services like gas price comparison, parking tips and more

Regardless of your business and the customers you’re trying to engage, having insights about where and how they move in the real world is key to understanding what makes them tick. And Arity Audiences provide just those types of insights to help you connect with your best customers, wherever they might be.

If you are interested in leveraging Arity Audiences, simply connect with Arity.

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