Why mobility data — not mobile location data — is the key to understanding your customers

Without accurate information about your customers, you risk losing them to competitors that are more capable of responding to their needs. Even worse, you might be reaching the wrong customers in the first place. To avoid these outcomes, many businesses rely on insights like location data to better understand and connect with their ideal customers.

But even though location data is used for customer insights across industries, mobility data enables more robust insights and deeper customer connections. Unlike mobile location data, mobility data provides an unprecedented amount of information that is vital for understanding your customers.

Mobile location data vs. mobility data  

Mobile location data and mobility sound similar, but they don’t provide the same insights. So what’s the difference? Mobile location data provides information on driver location from GPS sources. This data is a foundational component of mobility data, but lacks key information that provides much-needed context.  

Mobility data provides a comprehensive set of information that is directly connected to customer behavior. Instead of simply knowing where drivers are, mobility data delivers a moment-by-moment picture of how an individual gets from point A to point B. These deep insights on customers help you improve customer loyalty and identify ideal customers. With mobility data you can:  

  • Understand various kinds of phone use, including scrolling, tapping, locking and unlocking, and hands-free phone calls. 
  • Detect whether the device holder is a driver or passenger and the mode of transportation they are using, such as walking, biking, driving, or even riding in a plane, ship, or train. 
  • Understand common routes from home to work, how long they spend in the car, how far they drive, and drive time trends. 

Benefits of mobility data 

Mobility data provides more context around customer behavior than mobile location data alone, giving you a better understanding of your customers. Compared to location data, mobility data helps enterprises across industries level up their connections with customers.  

Insurers: Gain a contextualized understanding of drivers 

Mobility data can help insurers price drivers more accurately at quote. Mobility insights provide context around past driving behaviors, enabling you to price competitively — and deep insights like contextual speeding, unexpected traffic, type of road, and time of day help you predict risk and inform pricing decisions. 

Mobile app publishers: Personalize in-app experiences  

User retention is far from guaranteed for app publishers. Approximately 50% of apps are uninstalled within 30 days after download. By using mobility data to inform relevant in-app experiences results, you can increase customer retention over time.  

When users have in-app experiences tailored to their needs, they are more likely to stay engaged. Mobility data can support:  

  • Retail apps: Promote customer loyalty by preparing items for pickup based on customer arrival times. 
  • Financial services apps: Help customers save by providing a fuel efficiency score.   
  • Fitness apps: Alert customers who are walking, jogging, or biking about changing traffic or weather in their area and provide alternate routes.  

Approximately 50% of apps are uninstalled within 30 days after download.

Marketers: Target your ideal customers  

For marketers, mobility data can inform highly targeted offers tailored to your ideal audiences, reducing wasted spend. Mobility data helps maximize engagement and conversion by delivering the right offers to your ideal customers.  

With more accurate information on your customers, you also gain the ability to deliver value through relevant ads. Ads that align with users’ needs yield a higher ROI and help you connect with your ideal customers.  

Mobility data allows Arity to segment drivers. We score each driver based on their past driving behaviors. This score reflects the risk profile of any given driver based on their actual driving behavior. Then, our network displays contextually relevant ads to your ideal audience.  

Mobility data helps maximize engagement and conversion by delivering the right offers to your ideal customers.  

Why Arity?  

Arity collects data from over 200 million drivers to form insights that help marketers, mobile app publishers, and insurers. Mobility data takes our insights to new heights with in-depth information on the contextual behaviors around driving, making your job even easier.  

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