Arity launches Arity IQ℠ on Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub

Driving data delivered on demand.

The Arity IQSM network database is now available in Google Cloud’s data exchange, Analytics Hub. Here’s what you need to know.

#1 What is the Arity IQSM network?

The Arity IQSM network leverages one of the world’s largest driving behavior databases tied to claims to help auto insurers increase pricing sophistication, improve profitability, and grow their books of business. Carriers can ping our database and gain instant access to driving behavior insights on tens of millions of drivers.

#2 Why did we bring the Arity IQSM network to Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub?

We wanted to bring the Arity IQSM network to Google Cloud’s insurance customers to help them price more competitively at time of quote while also expanding the reach of our driving behavior database.

“With the addition of the Arity IQSM network, our insurance customers can increase value for their business while providing more accurate prices based on how their customers behave behind the wheel.” – Yolande Piazza, Vice President of Financial Services at Google Cloud.

#3 How does data privacy factor into this?

At Arity, data privacy is a top priority, and this decision reflects that by making our data available in Google Cloud’s privacy-safe environment. On top of that, Arity ensures privacy forward methods for secure and safe data storage, which includes encrypting data at rest and in transit.

“Google Cloud Analytics Hub provides its customers with an efficient, secure platform to exchange data and combine their business data with third-party insights.” – Yolande Piazza, Vice President of Financial Services at Google Cloud

Want to learn more? Read the official announcement here: Arity launches Arity IQSM on Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub 

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